Bar of Cast Iron
Bar of Cast Iron
Bar of Cast Iron
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Iron Ore
Produced By Ore Smelter
Required By Anvil, Bloom, Cast Iron Trivet, Coinpress, Crossroads, Finery Forge, Large Chest, Metal Meat Grinder, Metal Plow, Miner's Helm, Pickaxe, Scythe, Shovel, Slag, Smithy's Hammer, Steel Crucible, Stone Mansion, and Candelabrum, Cauldron, Cellar, Frying Pan, Metal Saucière
Specific Type of Bar of Common Metal
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Cast iron, in bar form, can be used to produce a variety of low-grade metal goods. It can also be smelted into wrought iron.

How to AcquireEdit

First, one must acquire iron ore, typically by mining it from a mine hole. Since w4, you can now mine in simple caves. Be sure to build supports so you don't get struck by a cave-in.Next, the iron ore must be loaded into an ore smelter. Four units of charcoal should also be added to the smelter by right clicking on it while holding a unit of coal. Finally, light the smelter. After approximately twenty minutes, the process will be complete. Roughly 10% of the iron ore will become bars of cast iron, with the rest becoming stone. This ratio can be modified by adjusting one's Personal Beliefs. Each point toward industry increases the chance by 2%, while each point toward nature decreases it by 2%.