Bear Meat
Bear Meat
Bear Meat
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Unknown
Object(s) Required Bear Corpse
Produced By Hand
Hunger Filled 40
Required By Bear Salami, Big Bear Banger, Roasted Bear Meat, Wonderful Wilderness Wurst
FEPs  % of Total
STR 0 0%
AGI 0 0%
INT 0 0%
CON 0 0%
PER 0 0%
CHA 0 0%
DEX 0 0%
PSY 0 0%
Hurt damage 1 100%
Sum 1
Hunger per FEP 40
FEP per Hunger 0.25
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Bear meat is a byproduct of the corpse of a bear after being butchered. It can be roasted over a fire or used for Bear Salami or Big Bear Banger. All of food created by bear meat grants enormous Strength FEP points. Like most raw meat, eating raw bear meat will give you black FEP which damage your HHP if it triggers. Because of the high quality of bear products, eating raw bear meat is dangerous.

How to AcquireEdit

Butcher the corpse of a bear. The task of slaying a bear is potentially dangerous though.