NAME Aggro Attacks Provides(***) Base LP Image
Ant 20 Ants
Auroch Can of beans 300 Auroch
Bear Milky Milk Shake 200*Animal level Bear protrait
Boar Yes Yes No Raw Hide , Intestines (2), Boar Meat (4), Bone Material (4),Boar Tusk (1~2) Can be domesticated to produce pig's. 60*Animal level Boar X
Chicken No No Yes Raw Chicken Meat , Bone Material , Chicken Feather (3) 5 Chicken X
 Cow No No No Milk , Raw Hide , Intestines (4), Beef (6) NEVER FOUND WILD
 Deer No Yes No Raw Hide , Intestines (3), Raw Deer Meat (4), Bone Material (6), Deer Antlers 60*Animal level Deer X
Toad No No Yes Nothing 5 Frog
 Fox No Yes No Raw Fox Hide , Intestines (1), Raw Fox Meat (2), Bone Material (2) 40*Animal level Fox


Yes(****) No Raw Sheep skin, Intestines, Raw Mutton, Bone Material. Can be domesticated to produce sheep. 200 Mouflon
 Rabbit No No Yes Fresh Rabbit Fur , Rabbit Meat , Bone Material 5 Rabbit
 Rat No No Yes Nothing 5 Rat
 Sheep No No No Wool, Raw Sheep Skin , Intestines (2), Bone Material (3) NEVER FOUND IN THE WILD
SilkMoth No No Yes SilkWorm egg

(*)Level I and II creatures will not attack unless attacked first. (necessary to check up)

(**)If yes, right clicking on the creature will cause you to chase after it and place it in your inventory. Generally, the corpses of such creatures cannot be lifted, but those of larger creatures can.

(***)Milk and wool can only be obtained while the creature is alive. To obtain the hide, one must first skin the corpse before butchering it. Intestines and meat are obtained upon butchering the corpse. After butchering the corpse, bones (and similar objects) are left on the ground and can be picked up. Silkworm eggs are acquired through a unique process (see the object's page for details).

(****)If one member of the herd is provoked, the entire herd will attack.

Other creatures include the barmaid and the character generation NPCs.