Dowsing Rod
Dowsing Rod
Dowsing Rod
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic
Object(s) Required A Beautiful Dream!, Branch x2
Produced By Nothing
Required By Well
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A dowsing rod is required to determine where wells can be built and must be equiped to place the well.

How to AcquireEdit

Craft -> Tools -> Dowsing Rod

How to UseEdit

When equipped (which takes both hands) the rod will lead you to the nearest source of untapped water through means of a radar under your feet. The larger the darker pie slice is, the further you are from the water tile. The tile itself will show up as a blue puddle. Once you find it, you can construct a Well on it.

Note: The Dowsing Rod will ignore sources of water that already have wells.

Tip for Beginners : Most people follow the arrow that appears in the radar, that's an error. You should follow the pie slice, in others words, follow the opposite direction that the arrow seems to point. When you near the area the Dowsing Rod is leading you to, you'll see a blue circle. That means you can place the well in that spot. You must have the Dowsing Rod equipped to see it. Also very useful when living far away from a river and when you need water for barrels and more.