Hardened Leather
Hardened Leather
Hardened Leather
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Leather Working
Object(s) Required Leather x3, Beeswax x2
Produced By Cauldron or Clay Cauldron
Required By Cutthroat Cuirass, Traveller's Sack
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Hardened Leather is leather treated with beeswax to strengthen it. It requires three pieces of Leather and two units of Beeswax, and may be used to create objects like the Mine Hole, Traveller's Sack or Cutthroat Cuirass.

How to AcquireEdit

You need a cauldron or clay cauldron with at least 2.5 litres of hot water to harden leather.

  • Gather the 5 ingredients into your inventory: 3 Leather and 2 Beeswax
  • Right click a boiling Cauldron or Clay Cauldron to move into position and ready it for use
  • Select the recipe: Craft > Leather Working > Hardened Leather
  • Click the "Craft" button


Hardened Leather also counts as regular Leather in recipes, meaning it may be used as a substitute if you have no regular Leather available to you. However, since Hardened Leather uses Leather in its own recipe, it means you will have to remove newly crafted Hardened Leather from your inventory before attempting to make more or it will be used in the process. Do not use the "Craft All" button if attempting to make multiple pieces of Hardened Leather or some will be lost in this manner.

The resulting quality seems to be calculated by the following formula: (3*LeatherQ+2*BeeswaxQ+WaterQ)/6. Cauldron or fuel quality doesn't seem to matter.