Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Leather Working
Object(s) Required Tree Bark, Water, and one of the following: Dried Bear Hide, Dried Hide, Dried Fox Hide, Rabbit Fur, Dried Sheep Skin
Produced By Tanning Tub
Required By Backpack, Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay, Boar Tusk Helmet, Coffer, Cylinder Hat, Gold Spoon Lure, Hardened Leather, Large Chest, Leather Armor, Leather Boots, Leather Cloak, Leather Pants, Newsboy Cap, Palisade, Poor Man's Belt, Poor Man's Gloves, Poppy Wobbler, Quiver, Ranger's Boots, Seedbag, Shield, Sling, Stitched Leather Coaster, Waterflask
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Leather is used to produce a variety of equipment.

How to AcquireEdit

The leather working skill is required in order to make leather. Leather is not difficult to make, but its creation is a time-consuming process.

  • 1. Acquire a raw bear hide, raw hide, raw fox hide, fresh rabbit fur, or raw sheep skin.
  • 2. Dry the hide by placing it in a drying frame.
  • 3. Wait for the hide to finish drying. It takes 8 hours (one full in-game day) to dry most furs, the exception being bear furs, which take 16 hours (two full in-game days).
  • 4. Take the dried hide and place it in a tanning tub.
  • 5. Fill a water container, such as a bucket, using either a well or an open water source.
  • 6. Hold the full container on your mouse cursor and right-click the tanning tub to fill it. It requires 60L of water to get the tanning tub ready for use.
    • The tub sprite will change when there is enough water.
  • 7. Obtain a piece of tree bark from a fully grown tree.
  • 8. Place the bark into the tub using the same method as with the water. One piece of bark is all that is needed per tub.
  • 9. Wait 8 real-time (one full in-game day) hours for the hide to turn into leather.
  • 10. Retrieve your finished leather.


Each tub can only hold one hide at a time. The amount of leather received is equal to the size of the hide used. Dried bear hide and dried hide (boar, cow, deer) provide four leather, dried fox hide and dried sheep skin provide two leather, and rabbit fur provides one leather.

If an object with an inventory is available, such as a boat, cart, or leanto, then after step 8, if you place the tub in the object's inventory and remove it, this will result in the leather progressing to 92% completion. Utilizing this bug will lower the leather completion time to around 40 minutes. (If you can't get this to work, post on the Talk page, do not remove this and claim that the bug has been fixed.)

Though it only takes 60L of water to prepare a tanning tub, each can hold up to 100L of water. Filling the tub beyond the minimum amount results in less preparation time for future leather production.

The quality of leather seems to be determined by the following equation: qLeather = (3*qHide + qBark + qWater + qTub)/6.