LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required Primitive Tools and Wilderness Survival
Skill(s) Enabled Carpentry
Required By Numen points
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Lumberjacking is one of the many skills you can get once you start the game. It is required by Carpentry. With a Stone Axe, you can cut down trees and remove stumps. Removing stumps takes longer than cutting down trees, and you get 4 wood blocks for doing it.

(It says below and in the In-Game Text that lumberjacking allows your character to chop trees at increased speed. This is old information which has not been corrected. In fact, without lumberjacking your character cannot cut trees at all.) <--- (Have you tested this? Because we have and managed to chop trees and cut logs without learning the skill [verified])

In-Game TextEdit


Lumberjacking gives your character the ability to chop trees at a significantly increased speed.