Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Unknown
Object(s) Required Soil x4, Tree Seed*, Water (1.0 litres)
Required By Branch, Log, Stump, Tree Bark
Repaired With
Liftable? No
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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How to Acquire Edit

To grow a tree, one needs a treeplanter's pot, a herbalist table, water, soil x4, and a seed of the tree you wish to plant. Place the soil, water, and seed into the pot, and the pot on the table. After approximately 1.5 hours (dependant on nature-industry slider), the tree will either sprout or die. If it is dead, all you can do is empty the pot and start over. If it has sprouted, you will have approximately eight hours to plant it before it dies. Take the pot, find a spot of grassland or forest where you wish to plant it, and right click on the spot while holding the pot to get the option to plant it. The tree will steadily increase in quality while it grows until it hits maturity and thus its maximum quality.

  • All products of the tree are of the same quality at a given point in time (branches, logs, seeds, etc.)
  • Need LumberJacking skill to plant a tree from the pot.
  • It is recommended to give the tree a 5x5 space around it to completely grow. If anything with a hitbox (anything that stops you if you run into it) is within the space, the tree's growth will be stunted. This excludes pavement, water, and most crops.
  • Trees grow faster if their roots are upon its native terrain. For example, a fir tree will grow faster than an oak tree in the coniferous forest while the oak tree will grow faster than the fir tree in broadleaf. Also note that Broadleaf and Coniferous forests look the same even if they are different forest terrains.
  • At random time, a tile will change its type depending on type of trees nearby. Priority increases from "No Trees", to "Broadleaf", to "Coniferous".

Ways to Improve the Quality of a Tree Edit

  • High quality Herbalist Table: You will need high quality source lumber and fibers to craft a good quality Herbalist Table
  • High quality Treeplanter's Pot: Dexterity, along with the quality of clay, seems to play a role in the quality of ceramic goods
  • High quality water: No skills needed
  • High quality soil: No skills needed
  • High quality seed: No skills needed (but depends on the quality of the tree from which you took it)
  • Nature vs Industry: Having a strong Nature personal belief will both increase the success of trees living and decrease the amount of time it takes for a planted tree to germinate on the herbalist table.

Trees Information Edit

Tree Native Terrain Seed/Fruit Bark Bough(s) Branch(es) Log(s) Other Product(s)
Apple Tree Broad-leaf Apple x5 Tree Bark x1 -- 7 1
Birch Tree Broad-leaf Birch Catkin x5 Birchbark x1 -- 7 2
Elm Tree Broad-leaf Seedling x2 Tree Bark x2 Elm Bough x4 7 2
Fir Tree Needle-leaf Fir Cone x2 Tree Bark x3 Fir Bough x5 7 2
Hazelnut Tree Hazel Nut x5 -- -- 5 1
Maple Tree Broad-leaf Maple Samara x6 Tree Bark x4 -- 10 3
Mulberry Tree Broad-leaf Mulberry x5 Tree Bark x1 -- 7 1

Mulberry Leaf

Oak Tree Broad-leaf Acorn x6 Tree Bark x5 -- 15 3
Pine Tree Needle-leaf Pine Cone x3 Tree Bark x8 -- 3 3
Willow Tree Willow Catkin x4 Tree Bark x3 -- 7 2

Yew Tree

Needle-leaf Yew Seed x5 7 3